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      At Muscular Rehabilitation Center Of Florida, our Center is dedicated to improving the mobility and quality of life of every patient client we see. Innovative methods such as Neuromuscular Therapy which is not a stand alone massage, Manual Therapy Unique exercises. Postural alignment, and Kinesio Taping. Visitors and Residents from infants to Seniors can all benefit from Muscular Rehabilitation Centre of Florida.
      Our Elite team of highly trained professionals has a combined 40 years of experience. With our advanced approach to rehabilitation by treating muscles, ligaments and tendons .We can get results quickly. We work to recognize the unique elements of each situation and individual recovery time variables, Muscular Rehabilitation Center Of Florida provides total rehabilitation to patients suffering from a wide variety of injuries and chronic illnesses. Stiffness, Back pain, Neck pain, Muscle Spasms, Poor posture, Sciatica ,Herniated/bulging discs, Spinal Stenosis Plantar Fasciitis and Fibromyalgia.

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    • Personalized Patient Care

      We have a unique ability and passion to understand ones rehabilitative needs and concerns while ensuring the ultimate care one would expect in our facility. We also respect and listen to all of your individual needs.

      With over 40 years of combined experience we will always be by your side, step by step on the road to recovery. We treat everybody that walks into our care, as if they have been part of our lives for years.

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    • Home Therapies

      We offer a wide variety of treatment options including acupuncture, and home care therapy sessions for those not able to leave their homes or those with extremely limited mobility.

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    'The secret to the success of neuromuscular therapy is that it's not just another way of manipulating your muscles; it's a way of communicating with your nervous system"-llana Spodak, C.N.M.T, C.O.M.T., L.M.T. Ilana Spodak is a certified neuromuscular and orthopedic massage therapist and the founder of Muscular Rehabilitation Center of Florida After studying and working with world-renowned physicians, she opened her own massage therapist practice in1997 to incorporate her years of training and experience into an effective and highly sophisticated approach to pain relief. With well-trained hands and astute sensitivity, Ilana evaluates how to best serve the client and gently persuades the tissue to let down its guard. Approached with this level of intelligence and skill, the body is able to receive her unique therapeutic work where authentic and lasting results are achieved.

    "Ilana works in a way that is extraordinary. It's as if she can literally feel your pain and from that experience discover the best way to heal it."- Cynthia Frisch

    Ilana's life direction and passion for relieving the physical pain of others emerged after watching her mother's suffering following a car accident. Ilana dedicated herself to intensive study of pain relief techniques including neuromuscular massage therapy, scar tissue mobilization, myoskeletal therapy, orthopedic massage therapy among other massage therapies to develop a non-invasive treatment for acute and chronic pain conditions. Back pain, neck pain, sciatica, TMJ, chronic muscular pain, or work-related and athletic injuries can be relieved through her integrated treatment approach as a massage therapist. Her Deerfield Beach office draws professional athletes, people with work-related or auto injuries, and the general public from all over South Florida ready to experience a new level of health and freedom from pain.

    For more information and to schedule a massage therapist appointment, contact her office at (561) 642-1408.

    Sports Therapy

    When it comes to injury and injury prevention, athletes have specific needs that may differ from other patients. We are experienced in sports therapy. At Muscular Rehabilitation Center Of Florida, we employ such specialists to address all your sport therapy needs. Whether you are simply looking for wisdom and advice in prevention techniques, are experiencing muscle pain and are in need of exercises, or require rehabilitation from a sports injury our professionals can help. We know that for you, getting back in the race or the game is very important and we will work to get you on your way.

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    Muscular Rehabilitation Center Of Florida is conveniently located and serves the entire Deerfield Beach area. Our goal is to provide the best care possible for each patient seeking relief from injury.

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